ATHLETIC Training Room (ATR) Rules

1.  Student-Athletes are not allowed in the ATR without supervision, unless given previous permission.

2.  Student-athletes are not permitted to discuss the health information or participation of any athlete that is receiving care within the ATR.

3.  NO CLEATS OR SPIKES will be allowed in the ATR.

4.  Sign- in upon entering the ATR. If you do not know how to sign in, or have questions, ask the athletic trainer.

5.  Please remove shoes before getting on the treatment tables.

6.  Do not bring unnecessary clothing, athletic equipment, or bags into the ATR. These items can be left outside in an orderly fashion.

7.  Do not use, remove, or otherwise touch any equipment or supplies from the ATR without permission.

9.  Please return all loaned equipment as soon as it is no longer needed (i.e. braces, wraps, crutches, etc.).

10.  Student-Athletes must conduct themselves in a proper manner (courteous, respectful, and patient) while in the ATR. Please use appropriate language. You will be asked to leave if you become excessively loud, or your behavior becomes disruptive or is offensive to others.

11. Derogatory terms and phrases will NOT be tolerated in the ATR and will be warranted to a discussion with your coaches

12.   The ATR is a co-ed facility. Everyone will act with respect and maturity and dress appropriately as necessary for treatment (i.e. shorts, t-shirts).

13.  Help keep the ATR clean at all times. Discard your trash and place used towels in the proper container (Dirty Laundry).

13.  To facilitate treatment of all athletes, we ask that you leave the ATR once you have received treatment during times when the center is crowded and busy. If it is not busy, you may stay in the ATR with the exception that you help tidy up or you are doing homework and studying for your classes.

14.  Please arrive early so that you may be evaluated, treated, do your rehabilitation exercises, get taped, and be to practice on time.

15.  Remember, the athletic training staff is dedicated to your health and safety. They will give you the best possible care. Your courtesy, cooperation and respect in return will be appreciated.

16.  The ATR is a safe space for all.  If you ever need help with an injury or need someone to talk to, please come see the athletic trainer. 

The athletic training staff will not be dispensing medications of any kind. Please do not ask. If an athlete needs medications during the day, he/she will need to see the nurse. If it is after hours, during games, athletes will need to see their own parent(s) or guardian(s).